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We specialize in creating websites that not only look great, but also work well.

Our goal is to build a responsive, mobile friendly website that serves your business needs. 


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Having a website is important for your business. A website helps validate your business and it helps people know who you are and why you do what you do. A well designed website is an important business tool. 

But a website not only has to look good, it also needs to function well. It’s important for your website to be mobile friendly. Your website needs to be able to look good on a desktop, on a phone, and on a tablet.

Currently about 74% of websites today are not mobile friendly. That simply means they are difficult to access on a cell phone. If a website is not mobile friendly, many people will leave the website after only viewing one page.

People want to be able to access your site on their phones as well as on their computers. In fact, about 64% of people will try to access your site on their phones. So it is crucial for your website to look good and function well on a phone as well as on a computer. 

At ShoesOptional we create websites that support your business needs and look great across multiple platforms. We believe your website should be a tool that helps your business grow. We want to work with you to learn more about your business so we can create a website that showcases who you are. 

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