You Decide What’s Inside

You Decide What’s Inside

I’ve recently had lunch at Chipotle. I glanced at the top of my receipt to find the following:

“You decide what’s inside.”

Many of us don’t realize the God-given ability to chose what goes inside. This includes things we consume both with our mouths and our souls. So again I ask. What will you decide in 2014.

No Fear + No Excuses = No Regrets

A Formula to Live with Abandon

Awhile ago, I stumbled upon a formula that has changed the way I live. I share this  in hopes that you will have a life that is lived without fear or excuses and ultimately no reqrets.

No Fear

Fear is by far the most crippling emotion we have as humans. It paralyzes us into settling for lives of dispair and frustration.

No Excuses

Because of fear, we make excuses for how our lives have turned out. We blame everything and take no responsibility for anything.

No Regrets

A live lived with fear and excuses leads to a life of regrets. Stop the fear… and the excuses stop. Stop the excuses… and the regrets stop piling up and feeding into the fear.